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High Speed Predective Design


By default, our Wifi predictive modelling reports will use the 2.4Ghz band (Legacy Wifi), select one of these options based on your requirements.

Model Multiple Floors


Select this option if the area to be surveyed has more than one floor or level. Example an office building with three floors.

Express Delivery


All of our deliverables are due in 10 business days. For virtual assessments after the work has commence; and for all others after we have departed the site.

Remove our Branding

*We will remove all Telehertz Logos and Watermarks

By default, all of our reports have the TELEHERTZ logo. If you want us to remove our logo and add yours, select this option.

Change Language Report


By default all of our reports are in english language, please select below to change the report language.

MDF/IDF Capacity Check


Select this option if you would like us to check switchport capacity availability/open/free in your MDF or IDF network switches, this does not include cable tracing.

Editable Report File


By default all of our reports are formatted as PDF files, select this option if you would like us to also give you an extra Microsoft Word editable report.

Get Design Source Files


Select this option if you would like us to provide you with the source RAW Ekahau file of your assessment.

3D Area Scanning


We will transform your surveyed floorplans into a dimensionally-accurate digital twins; in other words you will have the most accurate 3D WiFi assessments in the world. Your 3D stunning 3D captures will be accessible via matterport portal for one year.

Get a Wifi Sensor

Forget about intermittent Wifi performance issues and experience worry free Wifi by getting a Wyebot sensor with FREE TRIAL (Limited time offer)