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Is your WiFi network suffering from poor connections, slow upload and download speeds, dead spots, security issues, or worse? Often, users and administrators may sense there is a problem but be unsure of exactly what the problem is. Is new WiFi hardware needed? or does it a firmware update? Is the log-in and authentication process too outdated? Are other WiFi networks nearby competing for bandwidth? A wireless network assessment could be just the tool you need to get started delivering an exceptional WiFi experience to you, your staff, and your customers and guests

Why do you need a Wireless


A WiFi survey from the WiFi pros at Telehertz can be the first step in creating a flawless WiFi system that users actually look forward to using.

High-performing wireless networks don’t just happen on their own. Finding hidden problem spots in your system can optimize your operations, meet your business needs, and keep your customers happy. No matter where your operations are, our engineers are ready to show you how to build a reliable and secure WiFi network that functions flawlessly for years to come.

A WiFi survey can help you deliver exceptional WiFi connections:

● Improve speeds: A WiFi Survey can help uncover otherwise hidden problems like access points that are too close together or too far apart.
● Maximize your bandwidth: You may already have the right hardware in place but could have simply not tuned it correctly. A WiFi assessment can help get the most out of your existing system.
● Operate smoothly today and tomorrow: Knowing the design of your WiFi system can help create a wireless network that works as well today as it does tomorrow, solving performance issues and keeping your systems running smoothly.

Types of Wireless Surveys

  • Our engineers visit your location
  • We will walk your entire collecting RF data and physical infrastructure details
  • This enables the construction of a flawless wireless network
  • We will collect site physical infrastructure details remotely
  • Our engineers will create a virtual RF Model of your site Virtually
  • You get a high-performing wireless network
  • Our engineer visits your site
  • We validate the WiFi network and diagnose any problems
  • This corrects connection issues and delivers an optimized WiFi design

How does our certified engineers
conduct a wireless survey?


Everything starts from the kickoff meeting

Telehertz has created a unique process in order to ensure that a Wi-Fi survey whether is an onsite, virtual or a validation is successful.

  • Site Details
  • Facility Device Requirements
  • Detailed WLAN Design Recommendations
  • Basic Predictive Access Point Location information

Diagnose Your WiFi With Predictive Wireless Surveys

If you want to upgrade your wireless network, you can conduct an active site survey. These surveys are more expensive than passive surveys, and they typically must take place during business hours. However, predictive surveys offer a wealth of information that a passive survey cannot provide. For example, a predictive survey cannot take into account the location of nearby RF noise, such as that of HVAC ducts. By onsite evaluation, you can optimize your network channels.

A predictive survey is carried out by first importing a floor plan into a mapping software application. Usually, these tools will also come with a database of building materials and the number of different RF-absorbing surfaces within a building. Once the software program has a map of the building, it will then assign different attenuation values to each surface, which will help you predict the number of APs you need and where they should be placed.

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With a predictive survey, you can accurately determine the location of the APs within a building before you move any furniture or equipment. You’ll also get a coverage heat map, based on the results of your survey. Although predictive surveys can provide valuable information, they still do not provide accurate information on interference. To avoid these limitations, you’ll need to work with a professional wireless designer like our WiFi engineers at Telehertz.

Using a predictive survey is an essential step in designing your wireless network. The results of predictive surveys are fairly accurate and are an excellent way to plan the size of your wireless network. These surveys can be conducted in any environment to ensure the optimal condition of your network. Schedule your site survey today!

Which tools do we use to conduct
wireless surveys?


Our tools help provide technical excellence for your operations

We use the best Wi-Fi Tools available on the market including,

  • Ekahau
  • IBWave
  • Airmagnet
  • AutoCad
  • Matterport

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