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Network Manager

With over 20 years of networking experience, and having consulted for companies such as Facebook, Bascom and Tata Consulting Services, Eric is in charge of our entire network practice team. You can reach Eric directly at +18669479434 Extension 1005


IT Management

Leadership experience across multiple technology domains, Security Operations, Inventory Control, Asset Management and maintain process documentation. 20 years of working experience, Excellent organization skills, life cycle management for IDM roles, talking to business partners to enhance business relationships.


Service Delivery Manager (MP)

Based in the UK, David Mcguire is our Service Delivery Manager. David has over 19 years of Technology industry expertise, pre-sales, and client servicing. You can reach David directly at +18669479434 Extension 1014


Human Resources Manager

Thought Leader with insatiable curiosity to learn. Over 15+ years of HR experience, supporting IT, HR, Security Engineering and Collaboration departments for several fortune 500 companies. Lori is the head of HR Operations for Telehertz. You can reach Lori directly at +18669479434 Extension 1054


Technical Project Manager

Julio brings over 23 years of technical management experience, he started his career as a Network Engineer for Novell and has worked as a Technical Project Manager for different consulting companies. You can reach Julio directly at +18669479434 Extension 1010


Mobility Services

Amaravathi is a well known Engineer in the wireless community, she has consulted for several enterprise and goverment entities in the US and is now part of the engineering team at Telehertz. You can reach Amaravathi directly at +18669479434 Extension 1004


Digital Media Services

Connor is a digital and social media guru, and has been helping companies improve their approach in these areas for over 7 years. Connor edits Telehertz’s Website content, our weekly digital newsletter, and regularly delivers insights sessions covering the latest in social, digital and tech trends. You can reach Connor directly at +18669479434 Extension 1039


Cybersecurity Services

Max is a seasoned pentester and a Principal Security Consultant at Telehertz. On a daily basis he attempts to compromise large enterprise networks to test their network and wireless security. You can reach Max directly at +18669479434 Extension 1016


Managing Partner and CEO

Larissa is a managing partner of Telehertz and the CEO of the company. Prior to joining Telehertz, Larissa held a senior management position for a leading global communications agency and worked extensively in Europe, Middle East and the Americas. You can reach Larissa directly at +18669479434 Extension 1003

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