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WiFi Survey and Networking Services Customized to Your Exact Needs

We leverage our decades of wireless infrastructure, survey and deployment experience to deliver hassle-free and cost-effective solutions to optimize and future-proof your wireless networks. We collaborate with organizations across a wide range of industries and all sizes to solve your most pressing WiFi network needs. WiFi is all we do.

Onsite WiFi Predictive Design

WiFi site surveys are the most accurate way to design a high performing WiFi Network. Our expert engineers will visit your site and conduct a thorough WiFi survey using today’s most trusted tools and programs to deliver a predictive WiFi design that optimizes your WiFi network and powers your business to new heights.

Virtual WiFi Predictive Design

Through a series of virtual meetings, 3D modeling of your infrastructure and the utilization of today’s most trusted WiFi predictive tools such as Ekahau and IBwave, our engineers can virtually create a highly accurate predictive WiFi design of a future-proof and high performing WiFi network.

WiFi Validation and Assessment

Slow download speeds, poor WiFi coverage, random disconnects are just a few headaches caused by an inefficent or poorly designed WiFi network. Our WiFi experts will visit your site and perform a WiFi system validation and assessment to help you create a plan to address WiFi network concerns so you can fine-tune your WiFi network and optimize it for your real-world environment.


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Why You Need to Design a WiFi Network

Not long ago, designing a Wi-Fi network was focused around the area where Wi-Fi coverage was needed. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is more than just coverage,
after all, a great Wi-Fi network starts with a great design.
At Telehertz we design a wireless infrastucture that meets your business needs, from offices, warehouses, manufacturing, vessels to airports. Our TOP and industry recognized Wi-Fi engineers are ready to design and build a reliable and secure Wi-fi network for your business.

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Installing Wi-fi networks can be challenging and have very complex set of tasks.

From designing the Wi-Fi, Ordering the Access Points, Dealing with the cabling vendor, Configuring and tuning the new hardware, to the validation of the new Wi-Fi. Our experienced technical and project management team is ready to get the job done on-time, everytime.

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Keep the momentum with Evolving Risk

In the modern world, it seems as though it would be nearly impossible to function without access to the internet Wirelessly. People everywhere rely on Wi-Fi for everything from entertainment to achieving their goals. But with the ubiquity of the internet comes an underlying danger in the form of hackers who look to exploit security flaws to gain access to your company confidential data and information. Our experts provide Wi-Fi security expertise and extend your existing capabilities to fill crucial gaps and provide real-world, threat-driven insight to your security operations.

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We work only with the best technology vendors

We leverage our industry knowledge, expertise and leadership in technology vendors with your specific business needs.


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